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Innovate to Build Amazing Web Products & Services
If you have 1 book on your desk then this is it! 700 pages. 1000+ online code examples. eBook and print version available now.
What is possible?

If you are wondering what can be achieved with the knowledge from this book, check out the Author's own Six Trends Web App, built with code that is in the book. Also take a look at some of examples shown in the book. These examples were created by the author's students that were taught using the book. View examples

Download the book's content pages

The cover and contents pages for the book can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF file here.

Who is the book for?

This book is the definitive Web book for startups, coders, UX/UI designers, digital marketers, and their clients. Building digital products and services has never been easier but making them successful has never been harder. This book gives you the best expertise possible.

The author Tom Barker

The author Tom Barker is a serial entrepreneur in digital, design and technology with several multimillion dollar businesses and many patents to his name. He is the President and Chief Technology Officer of Six Trends Inc. a digital agency and transformation business.

Tom wrote this epic book over 7 years and road tested all the content in both the classroom and with his clients. Tom's parallel background in education includes Founding Chair of the Digital Futures programs OCAD University in Toronto Canada, an advisor to the Emerging Media Arts program at the University of Lincoln Nebraska USA, and an industry advisor to the first Digital Experience Design Degree program at George Brown College Toronto Canada.

Tom delivers training workshops across the globe to communities, businesses and universities.

What the reviewers are saying
"Tom Barker leaves no variable (and there are a lot of variables) in today's world of digital experiences unexamined in this comprehensive and quite frankly entertaining journey through all aspects of conceptualizing, coding, and commercializing web applications. The book moves from theory, to example, to exercise with ease, establishing a comfortable rhythm that helps to sustain interest and fosters learning.”
– Dave Colangelo, Professor and Academic Coordinator for the Bachelor of Digital Experience Design (DxD), School of Design, George Brown College

"The advanced magic of the new mobile digital age requires a deep multidisciplinary approach and knowledge. Tom recognizes this and traverses the subject with an astonishing breadth and depth within a single volume. If any creative coder has one book on their shelves then this is it – whether your interest is in AR dragons that fly out of your screen, massively multiuser online games, or incredibly compelling Web Apps that drive customers to your business and use Chatbots to help with customer care. Tom provides hundreds of practical examples and plenty of advice on production, process and turning your brilliant creative ideas into a business."
– Megan Elliott, Director of the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“Go from using an app to building one in a matter of weeks! Every profession starts with a toolbox and this book will introduce you to the many tools that are needed to build a web app. Developing the mastery to use these tools is your job!”
– Leyla Imanirad, Senior Research Associate, machine learning data scientist, Bristol Gate high dividend growth portfolios

"Tom collaborated with me on the execution of several advanced digital artworks that combined the technologies of AR, Web Apps, IoT and user experience design.  Merging art and technology requires deep technical expertise infused with creativity and design.  Tom’s expertise in both disciplines made the project a huge success and it’s great to see that expertise written down for others to use.”
– Dennis Kavelman, Partner iNovia Venture Capital

“This book covers a huge amount of ground from general design techniques to integrating advanced technologies into a project.  The examples are practical and they provide a clear step by step on how to build up complexity within an app.  You probably won't need the entire book for a single project, but it will be helpful for the recurring questions that come up over multiple projects over the years.”
– Nick Puckett, Founding Director of Puckett Research+Design, Chair of the Digital Futures undergraduate program at OCAD University

“Given the huge scale the subject, it's amazing that the book manages to cover topics at both a high and a low level. Hugely ambitious, but packed full of insights and working code examples. Although this is an area where learning is never complete, this book gives you the best springboard for getting results in as short a time as possible.”
– Scott Basham, Vodafone UK, Manager of Remedy and Ticketing Applications

“One of the most comprehensive, thought provoking books on creating and becoming innovative – not only for digital creation but for design and design thinking. Tom brings his academic knowledge, technical expertise, business know-how, and passion all together. He gives the reader the best possible chance to succeed in making incredible digital Web Apps that will covert users into real customers. Highly recommended for directors and C-Suite leaders to understand the mobile Web App revolution, even if they simply read the compelling narrative and pass the book along to their Chief technology Officer to study the coding examples!”
– Lee Rennick, Chief Marketing Officer, Proudfoot

“Managing to be both extremely in-depth yet engaging and simple to understand, this book is perfect for any creative with big ideas to introduce themselves to the world of programming in the best way possible.”
– Eli Joe, grade 12 high school student

Win in a crowded market
The ultimate book for creating successful Web-based products and services.

This book will successfully navigate you to win in a crowded market of 4.5 billion internet users, 2 billion Websites, 3.5 billion social media users, 4.5 million Apps, and 7 billion Internet of Things devices.

1st Edition Published by McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN 9781260304954.

How to get the book
The book is available now in eBook and print format. The book purchase includes access to a vast library of online code examples. Register when you download the code examples to receive updates on events and seminars relating to the book.

Individuals & businesses: you are invited to order the eBook from VitalSource:
Or you can order the print copy from Amazon:
Availability issues? Don't worry, both the eBook and print versions can also be ordered directly from McGrawHill Education:
Organizations: you can contact a learning solutions consultant at McGraw-Hill to facilitate any quantity orders. This applies to higher education and training organizations.

Some highlights of the book
Author Tom Barker in conversation with McGraw-Hill's Kevin O'Hearn

The book in more depth
The book provides digital transformation strategies, design and tech skills to create responsive Websites, progressive Web Apps and full stack solutions to turbocharge your enterprise to beat the competition.
Offering integrated strategies and execution for coding, design and business, this book is the most complete guide possible for existing enterprises and students alike, as well as startups.

The book explains how to write great code and how to create, scale or transform a business through digital solutions. Powerful tools are introduced that are more accessible than ever.

The book’s focus is cross-platform solutions using APIs with a single Javascript code base for both the server-side and across smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and Internet of Things devices. Using progressive Web Apps that run just like a native App on mobile devices, Web Apps can update themselves without the user’s intervention, and send out notifications – just like native Apps.

Hundreds of examples in the book and available online for download cover Javascript, JSON, HTML, CSS, SCSS, SVG, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, React, React Native, Node.js, MySQL, security and AIML. Understand and choose from the development platforms and the explosion of APIs now available. Learn about user interface design, 2D and 3D graphics and animation, Augmented Reality, Web VR, back-end design and coding the full stack for applications that include social media, games, eCommerce, realtime Web, Internet of Things and Chatbots. There is even some image recognition using Google's Neural Net API.

The Seven Deadly Wins framework

The 7 Deadly Wins (TM) framework is introduced by the book. This is a powerful tool that provides insights into the nature and anatomy of blockbuster digital products and services, and how to achieve success in a crowded market. The purpose of the framework is to help teams conceive, build, launch and improve their digital projects so that they have the best chance of success in the marketplace. The author drew on his experience of hundreds of commercial projects. The result is simple and elegant and it works.

Q&A with the author
We asked author Tom Barker a bunch of questions about the book. Here's what he had to tell us:

It was a major undertaking completing the text and there’s a ton of content, and a lot of examples. Can you tell us some of the highlights of what’s covered in the book?

Yes, there’s a lot of content – including online, a huge amount of downloadable code examples. It starts with examples of what the reader will be able to achieve with the knowledge in the book. There’s a review of digital trends with many colorful and insightful diagrams. I discuss strategies around how to code and how to design.
There’s an introduction to HTML, CSS, and Javascript which more advanced students can skip. A big chunk then deals with graphic design, user interface and user experience. The book rolls through the varieties of Web Apps – single page, responsive and scalable. Mobile device features around GPS, phone sensors, and cameras are included. Next it moves onto the server side, for example Node.js, and React which was a Facebook technology originally.

After databases and security I cover some of the sci-fi stuff like augmented reality, WebVR, the Internet of Things and right up to the very cutting edge stuff such as the use of neural network for image recognition to allow user to be recognized with the use of gestures through the Web browser and Google’s APIs.. and don’t panic, none of this is super difficult to do, it’s actually quite straightforward. It’s just that the technology has really just become available.

The book then shifts gear and looks at digital marketing, business and monetization around digital. I include building multidisciplinary teams. This section is great for startups, entrepreneurs, and even C-suite professionals who may need a reboot.

How is the content covered in the book helping students get better jobs today?

Okay, so this was number one on my mind as I started to write the book. Competition is fierce and although there is a shortage of people with digital skills it is still very hard to get a good job in the sector.

The important thing for me is that it helps to create people who have both the knowledge and the technical skills to do a whole lot of stuff in digital, mobile and the Web, but also it gives them a broad understanding of how to do things like digital marketing, how they build businesses, how they do consulting.

How they create a product or a service is really importantly and how do they actually monetize that? This is ideal for anybody who is intent on making their creativity and their intellectual property valuable in a way that can give them a fantastic career.

Can you tell me a little bit about what Digital Native students need – how are the higher education programs different or adapting?

Digital Natives have a head start and they are comfortable with learning technologies and the subject material. They can be well suited to the trend towards multidisciplinary learning in digital.

What we are seeing now is upgrading of existing digital programs as well as the launch of a number of new programs in digital. These are starting to bring in not just the tech and design skills but also entrepreneurship and business aspects, as well as encouraging thought leadership.

I think this is very important and these kinds digital programs are helping to create a kind of everything student. These programs are giving people the skills and know-how and the passion to want to go out there and to become entrepreneurs. They are the people who in five to ten year time going to be hiring people and growing companies.

In conversation with the author

We captured a series of short conversations on video between Tom Barker and Kevin O'Hearn, senior portfolio manager at McGraw-Hill Education. They discuss the book and the changing needs of education and industry in the digital sector.

How does the book help students to get better jobs?
What are the competing priorities of Digital Natives?
How does McGraw Hill Education stay ahead in the competitive world of education?
Some images from the book

Unwrapping of the book

This video captures an exciting moment when draft copies of the Full Stack Web App Playbook come back from the printers. The pages are in black and white instead of the full colour of the final version but otherwise it is pretty much the final product!

The Future of Digital & Education
Digifest 2019 hosted a successful launch event for the book on Friday, April 26 at George Brown College's School of Design's new campus in the Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts building.

At the launch event, author Tom Barker was in conversation with Kevin O'Hearn, Senior Portfolio Mangaer of McGraw Hill Education, about the future of Digital & Education at a time of unprecedented change and opportunity for students, higher education and publishers. Tom reflected on how best to teach the next generation of digital natives and how to ensure they are successful in their careers.

The publisher

McGraw-Hill a global leader in education publishing, empowering educators & students to achieve their goals. We believe that learning creates endless possibilities and we have a passion for technology in this process.